Machine CA7Grinding machine CA7 EVO boost

CA7 EvoBoost is the latest grinding machine stamped "Broach Expert" designed and manufactured by SMP TECHNIK. Equipped with a 1700 mm length table, with a large selection of accessories, a powerful electro-spindle and a «Full Option» software, it is perfect for manufacturing all of your tools regardless of their size. Moreover, its compact dimensions make it the perfect tool in workshops where every centimeter counts.

 machine presentation sheets

Technical characteristics


Tools & grinding wheels capacities

Max. tool diameter:
  • 250 mm
Max. tool lentgh:
  • 1700 mm
Max. wheel diameter:
  • 150 mm with wheel changer
  • 250 mm without changer neither HSKE50 electro-spindle
Max. tool weightl:
  • 200 Kg (with headstock)

Tool-holder and electro-spindle axis

A axis (tool holder):

  • 1500 rpm
  • SA50 passage through the center (diam 25.4 mm)
  • (HSKA63, HSKA80, SA40 already developed, others according to project)

B axis (electro-spindle support):

  • -45/+180°

Electro-spindle, wheel holder:

  • HSK50 et HSK63, 25 Nm from 10,000 rpm,    max. speed 24,000 rpm and from 13kw to 25Kw




3 linear axis: X,Y,Z, and 2 rotary axis: A and B.

cinematique CA7

Axis A which supports the tool, is rotated by a torque motor which allows cylindrical grinding cycles.On axis B side, the active face of the grinding wheel working closer to the pivot axis of the electro-spindle, the accuracy associated with the indexing of this axis is optimal.


Wheel changer


Large autonomy: up to 18 grinding wheels in store (6 stations with 3 wheels per hub).

Easy management of the wheels on their hubs.

The changer is bringing the hubs into spindle, therefore the necessary movements formanufacturing the tool are not impacted (compact strokes for an optimal precision).

Loading time < 5s.



The selection of accessories available for the  grinding and resharpeneing machine CA7 EvoBoost include:

  • Centralized shower and filtering
  • Oil mist vacuum
  • Pre-adjustment and control setup
  • Tooling
  • CNC control steady rest CH
  • Manual or auto tailstock
  • Wheel probe
  • Mechanical or magnetic cradle
  • Retractable showering
  • Dressing-rad
  • Magnetic table