VG400 linear sharpening center

With its vertical tool holder axis, the VG400 offers fast and ergonomic tool loading. This center is particularly well suited to sharpening work and the manufacture of special tools.

machine presentation sheets

Tool and grinding wheel capacities

Max. diameter tool

  • 250 mm
Max. length tool:
  • 300 mm (en fabrication)
  • 900 mm (en affutage)
Max. wheel diameter:
  • 200 mm
Max. tool weight:
  • 50 kg

Machine specifications

Axis strokes: :

  • X-axis stroke = 370 mm
  • Y -axis stroke = 480 mm
  • Z-axis stroke = 250 mm
  • A-axis stroke (toolbox) = illimitée
  • B-axis stroke (porte electrospindle) = -90° to +180°


  • Max speed X = 16 m/min
  • Max speed Y, Z = 30 m/min
  • Max speed A =  650 t/min
  • Max speed B = 25 t/min

Resolution :

  • Axis X, Y, Z = 0.0001 mm
  • Axis A, B = 0.0001 °

Grinding wheel electro-spindle:

  • Electrospindle power = 25 KW (S1)
  • Maximum electrospindle speed = 24 000 t/min
  • Attaching grinding wheels = HSK50 / HSK63



3 linear axis : X,Y,Z, 

and 2 rotary axes: A et B.

Cinematique CA3 eclatee

The A axis, which supports the tool, is driven in rotation by a torque motor which allows cylindrical grinding cycles. At axis B, the active face of the grinding wheel working as close as possible to the pivoting axis of the electro-spindle, the precision linked to the indexing of this axis is optimal.

Changeur de Meule

Wheel changer

Large autonomy: 10 wheels possible in store (5 stations at the rate of 3 wheels per hub).

Easy management of grinding wheels on their hubs.

As the changer brings the hubs to the spindle, the movements required to produce the tool are not affected (compact strokes for optimum precision).

Charging time < 5s


Automatic loading of tools by loading robot

Universal Solution:

Large workspace to integrate any turning stations, possibility of modifying grippers, jaws and pallets to adapt to the most numerous cases.


This type of robot has been selected by the nuclear industry on this criterion.

Simplicity of implementation:

80 min training time. Possibility of loading in tool holders ensuring a concentricity of 0.003 mm. The robot loads either the socket or the tool. The solution is economical since only one sleeve per diameter is required


Autonomy range:

14 mm diameter range (eg: possibility of loading from 6 to 20 mm diameter without operator intervention).

Flexible pallets:

Pallets (composed of modular elements) to freely mix the diameters and the number of tools per diameter.

Flexible programming:

Possibility of mixing milling cutters, drill bits, reamers... of different lengths and diameters on the same pallet.


By machine axes:

Can be implemented in the factory or retrofitted on the customer's site (even on ten-year-old machines), the assembly is made up of a pallet fixed to the generator and a clamp on the body of the electro spindle. The pallets (15kg max) are placed manually.


Manufacture or sharpening of a set of identical tools (drills, milling cutters)
Lengths from 40 to 140 mm

Diameters and quantities:

Diameters 4 to 6 mm / 200 tools per pallet
Diameters 6 to 10 mm / 96 tools per pallet
Diameters 6 to 16 mm / 54 tools per pallet


The range of accessories available for the CA3+ sharpening unit includes the following items:

Watering and filtration plant
Oil mist extractor
Pre-adjustment and control bench