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With a strong service culture, a very responsive technical workforce and a rigorous quality policy, SMP is a multidisciplinary player in the mechanical industry. Our mission is to improve the performance of our customers by significantly contributing to the design and production of high-precision equipment for the mechanical industry.

SMP Technik designs and manufactures its own products:

  • 1 & 2 axis CNC Rotary Tables
  • CNC 5-Axis Grinding Centers (Sharpening and Tool Grinding)
  • Floating Chucks (reamers holder)

SMP Technik is also a major player in mechanical engineering and subcontracting in the defense, research and other sectors requiring engineering and precision machining services. SMP TECHNIK also distribute high-precision OTT Worm gears.




1947 – Creation of the company "Société Mécanique de Perrache" (SMP) by Mr. Van Stratten. SMP was originally specialized in subcontracting precision mechanical parts.

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1960 – SMP invents the floating Chuck, a product which still today equips most machine-tools around the world.

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1965 – SMP develops its know-how in the design and production of motorized Rotary Tables for the machine tool's industry.

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1985 – Mr. Duvernay designs the first sharpening and tool grinding center: the CA6. Starting this year, SMP is developing its range of 5-axis sharpening/grinding centers for cutting tool's grindings, and specializes in the market of automation and software design for grinding and resharpening.

Mr Duvernay

2000 – ISO 9001 V.2000 certification

2011 – Implementation of a  New Strategy and vision: Mr Ledentu as new CEO.

2015 – Theplant moves to Toussieu, near Lyon (69).


2013-2017 – Development of the new selection « EVO boost ».

Serie EVO Boost

2017 – Partenership in the software offer of EasyGrind + Numroto + Esprit.

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2017 – Partnership agreement with the company Schutte (Germany).

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2017 – Opening of  Training Center for tool's Grinding and Resharpening profession"Tool'School".

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It is the passion of progress which requires tracking down the error.

The values of SMP Technik are based on the constant search for a balance between: 

  • The necessary economic objectives
  • The search for well-being for its employees and the Community in general
  • The Essential environmental concerns

With this line of ideas, SMP Technik offers its products and services at price conditions which take into account the legitimate interests of the various stakeholders who make up the public of the company:

  • Clients
  • Colleagues
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Community


The task always feels easy when it is a pleasure.

Staff: 40 people.

2017 turnover: 7.6 million euros

Distribution: 75% for export (Europe, Asia, Africa), 75% of 5-axis Grinding Centers.

2017 performance: increase in turnover by 15%.

Orders taken in 2017: 9.3 million euros.

A production site based in Toussieu (69, near Lyon).



SMP Technik offers benefits from its know-how by realizing for you:

  • Complex parts
  • Parts requiring micron manufacturing
  • Unit piece or in small and medium series
  • Assembly and integration of complete and complex sets

To these services can be added:

  • Surface treatments
  • Heat treatments
  • Assembly
  • Wiring
  • Painting


Some elements that we gladly offer:

  • A project management team
  • A R&D team: mechanics, automatism and software
  • A R&D collaborative platform
  • A specialty in sensitive projects (military, nuclear, etc.)

Conception park

In mechanics, among other things, we use these softwares: 

  • CAD 2D: ME 10
  • Materials resitance's calculations: COSMOS

In automation, we rely on:

  • Software ELEC’VIEW

For our software, we especially develop in:

  • Pascal, Delphi, C

Control and measure

We use different machines among which:

  • ZEISS UC 850 static head capacity 850x1800x600
  • ZEISS PMC 850 dynamic head capacity 850x700x450
  • Measurement software ZEISS UMES 300/UNIX
  • Laser interferometer
  • Autocollimator
  • Vertical measuring columns DIGIMAR
  • Shot-peening machines ROCKWELL

Manufacturing equipment

Pointing machines

  • SIP (X 1320/Y 1000/Z 3000)
  • SIP (X 1000/Y 1000/Z 3000)
  • SIP (X 1000/Y 700/Z 1000)
  • SIP (X 1600/Y 1100/Z 1000)
  • DIXI (X 920/Y 680/Z 780)
  • DIXI (X 920/Y 700/Z 900)

Traditional lathes

  • CAZENEUVE Ø Maxi 900 x 1500
  • CAZENEUVE Ø Maxi 725 x 2000

NC 3 and 5 axis milling machines

  • HURON (X 1100 / Y 700 / Z 500)
  • MIKRON (X 900 / Y 630 / Z 500)
  • BRICAUD (X 1200 / Y 600 / Z 400)

NC lathes

  • GILDEMEISTER Ø Maxi 600 x 1000
  • SOMAB Ø Maxi 320 x 1000

Grinder in coordinates

  • HAUSER (X 400 / Y 250 / Z 500)
  • HAUSER (X 650 / Y 450 / Z 500)

Plane grinding machines

  • JUNG (X 600 / Y 200)
  • MAGERLE (X 1000 / Y 320)
  • GIUSTINA R1/1000 Ø admis 1050
  • BLANCHARD Ø 520 tolerance
  • FORTUNA ext L maxi 1500 Ø 350
  • VOUMARD int L maxi 100 Ø 250
  • VOUMARD int L maxi 100 Ø 200